Grand-ing At A Distance

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This darn pandemic has made it impossible for many of us to be physically together with our grandchildren. How are you staying in touch? It is important that you continue to connect during these difficult times. Try sending a weekly text with a cartoon or funny article. Snail mail is always a welcome way to connect. Include stickers in a funny card with a very personal message about what you treasure about them. Play games via video connections. Make sure these are interactive games that can be adapted to on-line interactions. My favorites are Blank Slate or Yahtzee. Read a [...]

2022: A Grand New Year

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Laughter can make this year extraordinary. How will your grandchildren remember you? The positive loving support that comes from close relationships is vital for the optimal development of a child. This year, I will be blogging excerpts and ideas from my new book, Legacy of Laugher: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook. As we begin this year, invite your grands to share their favorite times spent with you last year. Ask them why they remember it and what was special about it. Ask them to record these in a journal titled: Our Favorite Memories. During the year, record dates and details [...]

Legacy of Laugher: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook

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(Rockford, IL June 23, 2021) – Medical experts agree that lack of exercise and reduced playtime are negatively impacting children’s brains. While there are extraordinary benefits to digital technology, there is also unprecedented concern about the impact that this technology is having on brain growth. Grandparents have unique opportunities in most family dynamics to apply their superpowers to increase play, reduce time spent on electronic devices and to provide a supportive, loving relationship with their grandchild. Their special sauce of love will be branded forever in the hearts of their grandchildren and create a lifelong legacy of laughter. The launching [...]

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