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Grandparents have a hidden superpower-PLAYFULNESS!

The power of play creates memories that will be forever etched in the mind of a child. It tickles the funny bone as it nurtures physical strength, mental agility and social skills. Play is vital not only for the growth and development of your grandchild, but play is enormously beneficial for adults as well. Sharing playful activities with your grandchild will not only nurture them but will energize you.

This book presents a wealth of ideas to bring joy and fun into grand interactions. Grandparents have an extraordinary opportunity to make a significant impact on their grandchildren’s lives and future. New grandparents as well as for those who are looking for new ways to enhance their grand relationships will find endless hours of fun within these pages.

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Chapter 1: The Science of Humor; Laughter Does a Body Good by Mary Kay Morrison

Mary Kay Morrison’s teachings are available in two books and numerous scholarly publications.

Using Humor to Maximize Learning: Exploring Links between Positive Emotions and Education is the text for humor studies courses at several universities. It affirms, sustains and encourages educators in the practice of humor not only as a personal tool to optimize a healthy lifestyle, but to maximize the benefits of humor in education. These benefits include current research-based data on the use of humor to nurture creativity, to increase the capacity for memory retention, to support an optimal learning environment and to build safe communities that reflect the relational trust necessary for collaborative learning.

An environment of fun is an indicator of a culture of trust. Each chapter of this book includes a study group format and powerful practice ideas for leaders. These tools can facilitate creative data analysis for educational leaders interested in understanding the relatively new field of positive psychology and how it can contribute to a joyful learning environment that promotes collaborative relationships.

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Using Humor to Maximize Living is Mary Kay’s second book and will be published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, an academic press based in Maryland, in March 2012 in hardback, paperback, and electronic forms.

It is currently being used as the text for the international AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) Humor Academy and CHP (Certified Humor Professional) Certificate program.  All are invited to attend this fun and informative AATH conference, with continuing education (CE) credits available for nurses, counselors and social workers and CME for Doctors.

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Books with Morrison as guest author

You Were the Easiest by Morrison.  Contribution to  Your Glasses are on Top of Your Head: Tales of Life, Longevity and Laughter by Brenda Elsagher Wise Ink Press. 2015

Psychology Today Book Review; Mary Kay Morrison’s Words to Live By: More Rules, Less Fun  by Gina Barreca 

Essay: The Crafting of Doily Lamas by Mary Kay Morrison page 158 in Fast Funny Women by Gina Barreca. Woodhall Press. To be published October 2020

Articles Authored by Mary Kay Morrison

Articles Quoting Morrison

The Top Ten Reasons Why Humor is FUNdamental to Education
At the invitation of her mentor, author, Robert Sylwester published Mary Kay’s Article “The Top Ten Reasons Why Humor is FUNdamental to Education” in IAE (Information Age Education) newsletter It is also included in an e-book format on Creating an Appropriate 21st Century Education.