Mary Kay Morrison’s expertise can be tailored to fit nearly any group or event. Choose from one of the sessions listed below or contact Mary Kay to learn more about a custom learning opportunity.

The Humor Tonic: Take as Directed for Instant Relief

Have you been exhausted, worried, or just plain stressed lately? Do you sometimes wonder how you are going to cope with balancing life at home and at work? This is your lucky day! Step right up for a sure-fire remedy guaranteed to increase your energy and vitality. You will be amazed at this research-based Humor Tonic treatment. In this workshop you will learn about the therapeutic applications of the Humor Tonic, which can be applied, to both your role as an educator and to your personal life.

This 90-minute session will offer the most current information and practical applications in the use of humor and laughter across a broad range of professional and work environments. The psychology and physiology of this natural remedy will be examined along with humor as an effective intervention for learning. Side effects may include incontinence, bellyaches and exhaustion from constant laughter. Warning: This tonic is highly contagious. If your laughter lasts for longer than 4 hours, share it with your health care provider. Do not miss this opportunity to see if humor and laughter are right for you!

Your Brain On Humor

This interactive workshop based on neuroscience will have your brain swirling with strategies and ideas that you can use to develop your humor practice. If you believe that fun, laughter, play and humor can positively impact the world, this workshop is for you! Join us as we focus on nurturing your humor being!

Make My Day

Costumer service is critical in today’s world. What do people “feel” when they enter your workplace? Is it evident that the culture of your organization is cheerful, energetic and enjoyable? This engaging session offers practical suggestions for creating an optimal work environment for both stakeholders and clients.

NOTE: This workshop is ideal for organizations and businesses that work with the public.

Humor in a World of Hurt

Many people experience extreme stress both in the workplace and in their personal lives. This workshop explores the therapeutic role that humor can play to combat this stress and increase productivity. Humordoomer behavior and inappropriate humor will be explored. Participants will leave with specific suggestions on improving their humor practice.

NOTE: Appropriate for employers/employees in high stress jobs.

Your Humor Style is Your Communication Partner

Take a humor styles inventory in this interactive session designed to help you explore your sense of humor. Participants will learn how to use their humor strengths to purposefully increase their humor usage and positively impact their wellness lifestyle.

NOTE: This session can be designed as part of a 3-4 hour workshop or as a follow up for one of the overview sessions.

Humor; The Educator’s Tackle box

Fish for humor strategies that have been indicated in current research to improve communication and increase long-term memory. Jump on board with this action packed session, and you will fall “hook, line and sinker” for this approach to maximize learning! You will navigate the cognitive research that identifies the benefits of using humor in the classroom. Opening the Educator Tackle Box, you will explore purposeful ways to use humor to strengthen relationships and increase memory retention. Leave with a “catch” of powerful ways to 1. Capture attention with humor (hook); 2. Learn how to manipulate information in the working memory using humor (line) 3. Use humor in assessment and feedback to increase memory retention (sinker). Leave this session with joy in your heart and humor strategies for your classroom.

NOTE: 2-3 hour workshop for educators.

Developing a Humor Being is Essential to Learning!

Nature or Nurture? How does your temperament impact your humor development? What role do parents and teachers play in nurturing a sense of humor? Join the rich discussion about these developmental issues. Remember that today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground!

NOTE: Designed for educators and/or parent groups.

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Teaching Humor by Mary Kay

Teaching Humor

Workshops designed for CEU credit

The Humor Tonic
Your Brain on Humor: Tools for Educators
Exploring the Science of Humor
Use it or Lose it: Humor and Aging