I want to live forever in the hearts of my grandchildren.

How will your grandchildren remember you? The positive loving support that comes from close relationships is vital for the optimal development of a child. Grandparents have an extraordinary opportunity to make a ginormous (Isaiah’s word) impact on their grandchild’s lives. As they purposefully engage in playful activities with their grandchild, they generate memories that will last a lifetime. Play tickles the funny bone while nurturing physical strength, mental agility and social skills. It is vital not only for the growth and development of a child, but it is enormously beneficial for adults as well. Sharing playful activities with a grandchild will not only nurture them but will energize grandparents as well. Grandparents are those unsung superheroes who can quietly but effectively optimize brain development and provide a unique Legacy of Laughter.

While there are extraordinary benefits to digital technology, there is also unprecedented concern about the impact that this technology is having on kids.

Children as young as two have become hooked on their screen devices. Some are experiencing an addiction to screen time that is actually impacting their physical and mental health. Medical experts agree that the lack of exercise and reduced amount of time for play is negatively impacting the brains of our children.

Grandparents have a unique opportunity to learn, develop and apply their superpowers to make a significant difference in the lives of their grandchildren.  A loving relationship that involves playful interactions will provide incredible  benefits for their grandchildren and may even convince them to spend less time on their devices.

The research on the benefits of humor and laughter is clear.  We know that laughter can reduce stress and maximize learning.   Play is the key ingredient in maximizing learning.  My mission has been to not only promote the benefits of play for children, but to change the prevalent ageism mindset that play is just for kids.  Humor and play provide key ingredients for healthy aging.

When grandparents adapt their own mindset to a positive, playful outlook, it not only benefits them, it can contribute to the development of skills that are so critically important for their grandchildren.  Play is a trigger for laughter and fun. The spice of humor and a playful attitude can improve the ability to laugh during life challenges

I invite you to join me and share the laughter! When we laugh, our grandkids catch it!  Laughter is contagious! Infect your grandchildren.  I guarantee laughter and play will support their ability to not only survive in their digital world, but to thrive.