Laughter can make this year extraordinary. How will your grandchildren remember you?

The positive loving support that comes from close relationships is vital for the optimal development of a child. This year, I will be blogging excerpts and ideas from my new book, Legacy of Laugher: A Grandparent Guide and Playbook.

As we begin this year, invite your grands to share their favorite times spent with you last year. Ask them why they remember it and what was special about it. Ask them to record these in a journal titled: Our Favorite Memories. During the year, record dates and details about your times together in the Memories journal. Invite them to write or draw pictures in the journal each time they are with you. For younger children, you can record their thoughts as they dictate them. If you have multiple grandchildren have a journal for each of them. This activity can be done via Facetime or Zoom if your grandchildren live far away. At the end of each month, you can read these memories together and relive and laugh about your favorites.

Additional resources can be found on my Humor Quest web site. Humor Quest Resource Page