This darn pandemic has made it impossible for many of us to be physically together with our grandchildren. How are you staying in touch? It is important that you continue to connect during these difficult times. Try sending a weekly text with a cartoon or funny article. Snail mail is always a welcome way to connect. Include stickers in a funny card with a very personal message about what you treasure about them. Play games via video connections. Make sure these are interactive games that can be adapted to on-line interactions. My favorites are Blank Slate or Yahtzee. Read a story together. Ask them to draw a picture of the two of you. Frame it and put it on your wall and send them a picture of it! Finally, a weekly phone call or on-line chat that begins with riddles or jokes can provide the laughter you both need during these challenging times. Presents are always fun!

Assure them that you miss them and cannot wait until it is safe to get together. Invite their parents to brainstorm ways you can support both them and your grands. Keep a journal of what you loved about your connections to share with them when you are finally able to get together.

Explore additional long distance ideas found in my book, Legacy of Laughter or check out this great resource: Kerry Byrne, the Founder of The Long Distance Grandparent.