(Rockford, IL June 23, 2021) – Medical experts agree that lack of exercise and reduced playtime are negatively impacting children’s brains. While there are extraordinary benefits to digital technology, there is also unprecedented concern about the impact that this technology is having on brain growth.

Grandparents have unique opportunities in most family dynamics to apply their superpowers to increase play, reduce time spent on electronic devices and to provide a supportive, loving relationship with their grandchild. Their special sauce of love will be branded forever in the hearts of their grandchildren and create a lifelong legacy of laughter.

The launching of the book Legacy of Laughter: A Grandparent Guide & Playbook arrives just in time to provide ideas and activities that grandparents can use to make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren this summer, and throughout the year.

Author Mary Kay Morrison, Certified Humor Professional, Educator, Author and Speaker, has filled the pages of Legacy of Laughter with memories, stories and ideas garnered from playtime with her 12 grandchildren. As an early childhood educator with a passion for studying the neuroscience of learning, Mary Kay’s background provided a fertile ground for nurturing and experimenting with playful experiences with these grandkids.

Mary Kay is available for interviews on the subjects of the impact of laughter, humor and play on professional and personal interactions. Her previous book Using Humor to Maximize Living: Connecting With Humor is recognized as one of the foremost books in the field of humor research.